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♥ 千晃 x 宇野 ♪♫~
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19th-Jul-2011 07:30 pm - Hanabi PV GIFS
jpop || kanayan
Gifs from the Hanabi PV ^^


HERE @ asian_dream_gif

The PV is so beautiful~ And ItoUno look so gorgeous *-* Hope you like them ^^

mods, am I doing thins right?
11th-May-2011 06:35 pm - Gifspam ★ Random~

So. Let's post ? ( ̄∀ ̄)

A few gifs for today. They're not really new since I pick them in my huge collection, but they're still cute.
Actually, I'm a bit surprised that I haven't found more. =O

Anyway, here we go.Collapse )

See ya~♥
よ う こ そ !

A very warm welcommmmeee
to each and everyone of you~
welcome to

千晃 x 宇野 [info]itoxuno
(clap~~~ clap~~)

Ureshii, this community is official open to
all of you!!!! as you guy already knw that not many of the community has 
last quite long,but i do hav the confident that this communitry were definitely last long
(lol,i dont really knw what i trying to say,XD ignore this)

[info]kwlvrdreams & I are looking forward to work with you guyyy!! Have fun in this community!!
so do support other AAA community too!!! (let work hard!!)

well,let us get to know each of you,~
( well i knw that this introduce alrdy hav stated at AAA community but i think you guy wont mine type it again rightXD
anyway i just need you guy to state:

(you can state your year too,if you dont want to type your age. eg,1990)
Gender: (F/M)
Fav AAA girls*: (Misako/Chiaki)

Livejournal:  (if you do hope that they can add you up in your LJ) -option


16th-Apr-2011 02:12 am - いっらしゃいませーー
A warm welcome to itoxuno , community dedicated to Ito Chiaki and Uno Misako from Jpop mixed group AAA. Feel free to post any fanworks (fanfics, icons, GIFs, picture spams, videos etc.) as long as they are related to Chiaki or Misako or both :) The purpose of this community is to gather everyone who likes the two lovely girls of AAA and to share fanworks to everyone else so don't be shy! :D


x Please use LJ-cut function when appropriate.
x Please provide the sources of anything that you do not own.
x Let's all be nice and have fun.

If you have any questions (community matters, affiliations, etc.) do let the mods, gillian_aaa and kwlvrdreams know! :)
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